Informational Social Security Webinars

Our Social Security Webinars offer a unique overview of  the Social Security program.  We discuss Social Security basics and strategies to maximize your benefits helping  you to “MAKE YOUR PLAN”.  Our informative webinars will answer all questions you might have about Social Security and help you create a strategy for you and your spouse’s retirement.

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We will discuss the many questions pertaining to Social Security and your future…

  • How much will you receive from Social Security?
  • When should you apply for Benefits?
  • At what age should you take Social Security Benefits?
  • Whose account should you take Social Security Benefits?
  • You can switch your benefits. But when?
  • What strategies are available to maximize your Social Security Benefits?
  • We will discuss unique lifestyle situations – divorced, widowed, children.
  • We will discuss the “Restrictive Application” and “Claim and Suspend” strategies.
  • Max social security benefits

There were a few scenarios that neither one of us (husband and wife) was aware of.  We probably would have picked the wrong one . . . It’s a significant difference depending one he one you pick.
Glen, (Enquirer article 12/9/12)
We were amazed regarding the number of choices available in addition to Jim Blair’s knowledge.  Jim explained our options in language that we were able to understand.
What I like the best regarding my consultation is that Jim Blair explained all of my options.   Premier Social Security Consulting specializes in Social Security and does not sell investments or insurance.  I found this to be refreshing.

Max Social Security Benefits for your Full Social Security Retirement Age

Join us for one of our webinars.  Learning more about what exactly you can take advantage of for at your full social security retirement age will also make a big difference when your check comes in every month.

“Make A Plan” to maximize your Social Security benefits.  Join us for a webinar to lean how to Make Your Plan”.

Learn how to “Make Your Plan” to take control and to get your Maximum Social Security Benefits, attend one of our webinars below!


Past Webinars


Social Security Tips – August 30, 2012

Social Security Tips – August 30, 2012

Social Security Basics and Advanced Planning Strategies – January 10, 2013

NSSA – Spousal Benefits – August 15, 2013

Social Security Benefits on Steroids – September 2, 2013

NSSA – Social Security Update – September 20, 2013


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Social Security – “Make a Plan”

Jan 30, 2015 at 2:00 PM EST

February 26 11-12
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