Social Security Education and Training:

A Detailed Look at the NSSA Program

National Social Security Association

Are you looking for answers to these questions regarding your Social Security benefits:

    • How much can I earn before Social Security Administration begins to withhold my benefits?
    • How do I maximize my benefits?
    • Can I utilize the "claim and suspend" or the "restricted application" options?  If so, at what age?
    • How benefits are calculated?  The last 10 years of earnings or my highest 10 years of earnings?  Will my benefits be impacted if I do not work a few years prior to collecting?
    • Is my spouse entitled to benefits from my SS account?  Am I entitled to benefits off of my spouse's account?
    • Will my benefits be reduced if begun before Full Retirement Age?
    • Will my benefits increase if I delay beyond Full Retirement Age?  Is this increase called Delayed Retirement Credit?
    • How are Social Security benefits impacted by children?  Is my 10 year old son eligible for benefits if I begin to collect?
    • My wife is eligible for state teachers' pension and Social Security benefits.  Will she receive both pensions?
    • I was just divorced after 9 years of marriage.  Am I entitled to benefits off of my ext-spouse?

National Social Security Association

Seventy million baby boomers are turning age 65 each day. If you are in this group, then you will have to decide when and how to collect your Social Security benefits. This is not a easy decision.  The folks at the local Social Security office are basically just order takers.  You must do your homework prior visiting the local office to apply for benefits.  Unfortunately, most folks are not aware of their options. Professional advisors like CPAs, financial advisors, and lawyers know very little about Social Security and are ill equipped to assist clients.

This lack of knowledge about Social Security is the reason behind the National Social Security Advisor program. My partner, Jim Blair, and I developed the National Social Security Advisor, NSSA, program to educate advisors about Social Security. NSSA advisors understand the Social Security program and how their clients can take advantage of the myriad of options to maximize benefits.

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The “NSSA” designation denotes Social Security education. The public is seeking advisors with the “NSSA” designation for help and guidance. NSSA advisors are ready to help you to navigate the Social Security maze and claim the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

How much do your current advisors know about Social Security?  Please suggest that your current advisors obtain the National Social Security Advisor designation.

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