We Offer Social Security Consulting and Training

Whether you are reaching the Social Security Full Retirement Age and looking to maximize your Social Security benefits or are a Professional Advisor such as a CPA, Financial Advisor, Lawyer, Tax Professional, Enrolled Agent or Insurance Agent looking to better answer the questions your clients might have about Social Security, Premier Social Security Consulting LLC can help. We provide customized consulting for individuals or couples reaching their Full Retirement Age and can assist in understanding and maximizing their lifetime Social Security benefits. We also provide Social Security education and training for all Professional Advisors looking to better answer the questions their clients are having about Social Security, thereby increasing value to their clients. Interested in learning more? Call us today at 513-351-5707 or browse our website!

Learn More About Our Various Social Security Services

Premier Social Security Consulting LLC offers various services for clients and Professional Advisors alike.  Below is an overview of our Social Security services.

Social Security  Consultation

Looking for max Social Security benefits for you and your spouse? Our Social Security consulting will help help you to “Make a Plan” to understand and to maximize your benefits.   Our custom tailored one-on-one Social Security consultations start at only $249 with a one time fee!

Social Security Consulting

Maximum Social Security Benefits Seminars

Maximize your Social Security benefits today with our “MAKE A PLAN” Social Security seminars and webinars where you will learn how to “Make a Plan” and insure you maximize your Social Security benefits for you and your spouse!

Social Security Seminars

NSSA Certification & Education for Advisors

Looking for unique knowledge so that you can better help your clients reaching their Full Retirement Age?  Your clients have questions regarding Social Security.  Our National Social Security Advisor certification insures you will be a valuable resource for your clients.  Become a National Social Security Advisor, NSSA. We offer Education & Certification or simply just Education on Social Security at our seminars and webinars across the nation.  “Increasing Advisor Value Through Social Security Education“.

NSSA Certifcation Program

CPA Social Security Education

Our unique Social Security training and education for CPAs offers unique information so that you and your firm can better answer the questions your clients regarding Social Security.  Take advantage of our Education by attending a seminar or webinar!

CPA Social Security Education

Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

Premier Social Security Consulting is dedicated to helping you get the most from your social security retirement benefits. We offer one-on-one Social Security Consulting sessions that advise you on the best options available when it comes to your unique Social Security situation.

As continued cutbacks are made to the Social Security program, the government is providing less support to applicants. They have in essence mandated that all applicants research their own options prior to applying. Representatives in local Social Security offices are no longer allowed to offer case-specific advice… leaving many applicants at risk for making costly errors on their application.

Our goal is to help you “Make A Plan” by providing timely and constructive advice for all of your Social Security questions.

Our Individual Analysis Assists You By:

  • Reviewing your Social Security earnings and benefit statement.
  • Determining what age to begin receiving Social Security benefits.
  • Reviewing your breakeven point.
  • Identifying when you should apply for Social Security benefits.
  • Calculating whose account your benefits will be based on.
  • Reviewing unique issues such as divorce, widowed, or children situations.
  • Understanding Medicare, parts A, B, C, D.

Increase Your Social Security Benefits

More than 90% of retired social security recipients leave benefits unclaimed due to application oversights. Our consulting service pays for itself with an average equivalent benefits increase of $150 per month for individuals and $800 per month for married couples.  These benefit increases represent equivalent benefits when utilizing various strategies.

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There were a few scenarios that neither one of us (husband and wife) was aware of.  We probably would have picked the wrong one . . . It’s a significant difference depending one he one you pick.
Glen, (Enquirer article 12/9/12)
We were amazed regarding the number of choices available in addition to Jim Blair’s knowledge.  Jim explained our options in language that we were able to understand.
What I like the best regarding my consultation is that Jim Blair explained all of my options.   Premier Social Security Consulting specializes in Social Security and does not sell investments or insurance.  I found this to be refreshing.

Learn More About the Social Security Experts

Jim Blair
Jim BlairLead Social Security Consultant, NSSA

Jim is currently part owner and Social Security Consultant with Premier Social Security Consulting.  Jim is also a certified instructor for the National Social Security Advisor program.   Jim retired after 35 years with the Social Security Administration.  Jim worked as a Service Representative helping individuals to solve problems with their Social Security benefits, a Claims Representative taking claims for retirement, survivors, disability and health insurance and retired as the District Manager of the Piqua, Ohio Social Security office.  Jim created and developed the National Social Security Advisor certification program with his partner, Marc.  Jim is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree in Administrative Management and Personnel Management.  Jim is Vice President of Premier Social Security Consulting LLC and National Social Security Association LLC.  Jim lives in Cincinnati with his wife Pat.  Jim and Pat have two children, five grandkids and two great grandchildren.

Marc Kiner
Marc KinerCPA, NSSA

Marc is currently part owner and President with Premier Social Security Consulting.  Marc is also a certified instructor for the National Social Security Advisor program.   Marc created and developed the National Social Security Advisor certification program with his partner, Jim.  Marc has over 30 years experience  in public accounting.  Marc recently sold his CPA practice to concentrate on Social Security.  His primary areas of service were to privately held businesses and individuals.  Marc also consulted with clients on a variety of complex tax and business issues.   Marc obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Finance and a Masters Degree from  the University of Cincinnati.  He is licensed to practice as a CPA in the State of Ohio.  Marc is the President of Premier Social Security Consulting LLC and the President and on the board of National Social Security Association, LLC.   Marc is a supporter of Crayons to Computers, a free store for teachers and Eastside Players.  Marc lives in Cincinnati with his two sons, Jeremy, 23 and Aaron 18.

We provide services for clients in all 50 states. If you have questions about Social Security benefits, we can help!

Call Marc today at 1-800-518-0761